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Also In This Article: Tom Hanks Reveals The Supplement he takes. He Credits His Diabetes Being Cured Solely To Taking It…
“We’ve finally discovered the simple secret for promoting normal blood sugar levels and we will not be silenced!” – Dr Oz.
Dr Oz has come out swinging. This week Oz announced that in a clinical trial of 1864 patience with pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance with hypertension, he cured 97.6% of them. “An impending medical and economic issue plaguing America is finally over.” says Oz. Press and media coverage has been on top of everything at the Dr Oz show during his press release, and recently last week we caught wind of a strange admission from a personal assistant. Turns out, according to this assistant who will remain nameless, that Dr Oz would never ever tell anyone how much of his own money he puts into his clinical trials. “He’s failed many times and spent millions of dollars, but he says it’s all worth it when you find a cure such as this one.” Explained his assistant.
Oz is a big fan of helping people, constantly reading books, going to conferences, and performing clinical trials. This is the real magic says Johnson Jr, referring to Glucocil. Whatever the type may be, the root cause of the disease is that the pancreas does not make enough or any of the hormone insulin, or does not use the available insulin effectively, causing the level of glucose in the blood to remain too high.
Oz discovered a permanent solution overcoming the effects of pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance with hypertension with a simple process called “Blood Sugar Optimization”. The way to achieve it is through the powerful combination of 14 naturally sourced ingredients which can be found in Glucocil. Because the Big Pharmaceutical companies are set to lose billions of dollars from this new discovery, they are trying to silence Dr Oz. So lets recap. Dr Oz has announced a cure for pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance with hypertension this week but he told Johnson Jr that if he will not be silenced by the big pharmaceutical companies. He would also be pushing forward to stop them from trying to take Glucocil off the market. He admits it’s going to be a tough fight, but it’s imperative that the 97,6% of Americans suffering the dreadful disease be allowed to live normal and healthy lives. We were so surprised by how shockingly simple, cheap, and effective his cure is, we had to test it ourselves and write a feature article on the results! Read on.
In a recent speech he gave at a medical convention in New York City, Tom Hanks left the audience speechless. He said, “I would have sufferd from diabetes for the rest of my natural life, constantly worrying about my blood sugar levels- if it wasn’t for Glucocil”To corroborate his story, Hanks brought on to the stage, MIT scientist Peter Molnar. “We tested Glucocil” with almost 2000 subjects, over a 10 day period and the results were shocking… Glucocil regulates the blood sugar levels of 97.6% of all participants while taking the pill, essentially curing them of the disease.”
”Hanks stepped back on to the podium, and mentioned “Drugmaker Takeda ordered to pay record $6bn over diabetes drug claim.” He said these claims were completely bogus.” They were deemed deceptive and this is the reason Hanks wanted to reveal this all-natural clinically proven blood sugar optimization pill, Glucocil. Hanks has since been criticized for exposing what is now known as ‘The Cure Of All Cures’ by big pharmaceutical companies who feel threatened about this recent discovery.However, the actor hit back by saying the individuals who could really gain an advantage from this type of information are not just the ones in the elite class that can afford high costing medical treatments, but rather people like you and me. So why don’t major pharmaceutical companies want you to know about this? Because the results say it all… Glucocil is proven to work in 97.6% of cases and there are absolutely no harmful side effects which will leave a huge hole in their profits.
Oz stepped outside the ‘traditional pill’ to create method to reverse the toxic effects oh high bood sugar and high blood pressure. Glucocil has become known as the ‘most powerful diabetes cure on Earth’. Glucocil is the ONLY all-in-one pill with all 14 natural ingredients combined at ideal ratios to reverse Diabetic decay by normalizing blood sugar below toxic levels.
Glucocil, which has no recorded side effects in any trials, was soon the target of several major pharmaceutical companies who claimed it had no medical substance at all. “We’ll see you in court.” Dr Oz firmly said down the barrel of the camera during his tell all TV interview.
“With this product, ridding yourself of diabetes has never been easier.” Dr. Oz said this is why Glucocil is so effective. It ‘s the only product on the market proven to work in 97.6% in cases.
“We tested it ourselves – is it all hype?”
With so much media praise and countless reviews of people experiencing success with Glucocil, we wanted to verify whether this was all hype. Every single diabetic in our building volunteered to test it out but we chose our Senior Chief Editor Rose Frasier. Below is her account of taking Glucocil over a 14 day period.
Rose is a 49 year old, and has been a type II diabetic for over 13 years. “Glucocil was extremely hard to come by” says Rose. She goes on to say, “If you can get your hands on this pill – get it right away.” We had to wait 2 weeks before we got to test as it was sold out almost everywhere or over $300 a bottle from people trying to sell it for profit ebay. People were paying top dollar for the pill on there.
Here are her results….
Day 1:
After the first day of taking Glucocil .
I took the first step and forgot all about it. Maybe 20-30 minutes later I felt odd. I can only describe it by saying my mind felt calm and still. I was walking to the shops and usually I would have been really thirsty and would have had a dry mouth by that point, but I was absoletuly fine. For a moment, if was like I never had diabetes at all. It was a feeling of hopefullness and happnies. Can’t exactly explain it – but it was awesome.
Day 5:
I was shocked at the drastic results.Over the course of the next 5 days I found myself bouncing out of bed and felt ready to take on the day – usually I need to snooze 3 times. I felt motivation like I had not felt in years. I had a more constant energy level, rather than feeling like a yoyo.
day 14:
After 14 days, not only had all my doubts and scepticism absolutely vanished – My diabetes was completely cured, I was able to control my blood sugar levels and no longer needed to prick my figer 10 times a day.
My thoughts on Glucocil?The pill is the real deal. I’ve tried so many other so called diabetes curess but this is by far the only thing on the market that will actually cure your diabetes. I hear very few people can get a hold of it. If you happen to come across Glucocil, you can move on with your day and go about your life or you can spare 2 minutes and take what is the most important step to becoming the diabeates free person you want to be.
**Because of recent coverage in the media, supplies are running very low.You can check to see if Glucocil is still available here**Glucocil was recently given honary mention in TIME printed and online magazine editions as being the pill that can ‘turn your diabets on its head’
One Month Later: Rose Can now live a normal, healthy and care free life. Free from diabetes thanks to Glucocil
Glucocil has been clinically proven to
Effectively cure diabetes in 97.6% of cases
Supports healthy blood sugar, insulin & A1C levels
Improves carb sensitivity & glucose metabolism
Removes the need for insulin injections
Proven pill & 307,000+ happy users
Should Glucocil be legal? YES… There are no side-effects, you will have normal blood sugar levels, you will remember what it felt like to be a normal and healthy person again.
When Glucocil was originally banned a lot of people were angry. There were no side effects then and as it stands there are no side effects even with the stronger formula. That said, all our users followed the directions and had similar success rates as the medical trials performed by Dr Oz.
Glucocil is the only pill of it’s kind where used regularly removes the need for insulin shots. Normally the body gets used to most medications but throughout all trials all users made continued progress as the weeks went on.
Remember, you need to get a few month supply, because there are major shortages of Glucocil
In regards to whether these should be legal? Yes they should. In fact,the truth is the ‘health and safety’ of the product was never a concern. Major competing companies created uproar due to their heavily sinking profits when Glucocil was becoming widely used. Even more companies are joining in this time so we have no doubt that distribution of Glucocil will be stopped once again.

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