Jim Yakubovsky – Anterior Cervical Fusion

Jim Yakubovsky

Anterior Cervical Fusion

Dr. Michael Duffy at Texas Back Institute helps his patients get back to a normal life, but in some cases such as coach Jim Yakubovsky extraordinary things can happen. Jim, a power lifting coach from Arlington, experienced pain after competing at a national power lifting championship in September 2011. Jim’s pain became debilitating in his neck and radiated into his right arm. It wasn’t long before him was having trouble with weight lifting, Jim said “in December 2011 I could not even put the bar on my back to do a squat because it hurt too much.” Jim turned to Dr. Michael Duffy with the Texas Back Institute. Dr. Duffy found Jim had a degenerative disc. The disc herniation was causing pressure on one of the nerves going into Jim’s arm. Dr. Duffy performed a minimally invasive procedure, an Anterior Cervical Fusion, relieving the pressure on the nerve and correcting the space between vertebrae. Jim went home the next day. Five months later Jim was back to lifting.

Amazingly, eleven months after Jim’s surgery he set a new American record in the 65+ age group for the squat press at 402 lbs. Jim said, I thought I would never lift again,” but after his recovery, he now says, “I still have bigger goals.”

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