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Virginia Floyd

Spine Fusion Surgery

My name is Virginia Floyd and I am a 74-year-old widow. I have had back problems most of my adult life. My first lumbar laminectomy was performed in 1984. For several years I was pain free. However, I began having low pain in the 1990’s. This time I used a chiropractor, massage therapy, and physical therapy to alleviate my pain. These methods did help for a period of time; however, the pain started again and became aggressively worse.

In 2001 I saw an orthopedic specialist who performed the second lumbar laminectomy. He told me he had corrected my problem but the facets on the right side had collapsed. I did a number of physical therapy sessions at his facility and was released. When my pain continued and was not alleviated after a year, the same doctor operated again. On a follow-up visit I explained that something was wrong with my right foot and told him that I thought a nerve must have been damaged during the surgery. Upon examining the foot he told me that it was probably that the foot was damaged, but to exercise it and he through it would be okay. Exercise did not help my foot and after many more physical therapy sessions later, I was released.

The foot was not okay, but I did not return to this doctor. After falling 7-8 times while on my morning walk, I stopped walking. I then saw a pain specialist to help me with the pain I continued to have. Finally, in 2003, a pain pump was implanted in my abdomen with a catheter connected to deliver fentanyl infusions to my spine. This form of treatment helped a great deal.

I slipped on an incline in my backyard in September 2009 injuring my back once again. This time I was able to obtain an appointment with Dr. Morgan Lorio in Bristol, TN. After a series of tests and x-rays, Dr. Lorio performed an extensive surgery, breaking my spine where it had fused together, creating bone in order to rebuild my vertebrae, fusing my spine and inserting rods from L-5 to T-10.

It has been 3 1/2 years since my surgery. This time following physical therapy I have been able to do my normal household chores without help. I am able to drive myself to my appointments and other activities without asking someone to drive me. This has relieved my family of having to cook, clean and drive me. I have one again become an active, independent woman.

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