ASP Response to US Supreme Court Ruling on PPACA

IASP Response to US Supreme Court Ruling on PPACA

Thomas Errico, MDIn response to the US Supreme Court’s validation of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), IASP issues the following statement:

International Advocates for Spine Patients (IASP) applauds provisions of the Accountable Care Act that increase patient access to primary and specialty care, and efforts to better coordinate care (and thus save money) through Accountable Care Organizations and State Health Exchanges.

We remain concerned about other provisions that may unilaterally reduce patient access to care and appropriate physician reimbursement, most notably the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Most patient advocacy organizations and nearly all professional medical societies oppose IPAB due to its unrestricted power to impose draconian cuts to health expenditures, including physician reimbursement and drug and device expenditures. IASP also remains concerned about the medical device tax contained in PPACA, as we fear it will limit device companies’ ability to invest in newer, improved technologies that can benefit patients, and may lead to job losses as well.

IASP will remain vigilant in watching to insure that the PPACA’s provisions improve patient access to appropriate and medically necessary spine care. We also re-affirm our support for a pluralistic health care system that values innovation and discovery, preserves autonomous clinical decision-making and reduces or eliminates centralized authority to impose a “one size fits all” approach to health care.

Thomas Errico, MD
Chairman of the Board

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